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MacBook Pro deals Apple refurbished

Buy a cheap MacBook for a lot less money and with a lot more trust

Why shell out a ton of cash at the Apple Store if you can get a like-new used MacBook from Back Market? Not only can you get a great warranty that stacks up to the ones Apple offers, but you can also get an "Excellent" condition MacBook that looks and works as good as new! We know you might need help deciding which used MacBook is right for you, and for that, we’ve got you covered! Written by one of our resident tech experts, this article offers great advice on how to buy a cheap MacBook, so you can pick the one that’s right for you and feel good about it in the process—all while saving loads of cash, of course. How’s that for a win-win?

Should I get a refurbished Mac or MacBook?

If you’re looking for a desktop computer, then a refurbished Mac or refurbished iMac is probably the best fit for you. These are better for more ergonomic sitting positions and have slightly more powerful processors. While refurbished Macs and iMacs make great office or home-office computers, a used MackBook is the perfect choice if you’re a freelancer on the go, or if you just want that amazing Apple technology in a smaller, more convenient package. To find the perfect used MacBook, you can brush up on the two main models here:

  • Refurbished MacBook Air: This is probably the most commonly used MacBook due to its relatively entry-level price, sleek build/design, and stellar functionality. The MacBook Air may be the cheapest MacBook, but don't be fooled; it packs a punch and should be more than powerful enough for almost all business professionals, students, and casual users. Here are our tips for buying a used & refurbished MacBook Air if you want to do some more reading.
  • Refurbished MacBook Pro: You can find tons of used MacBook Pros on our website, and most of them will probably be a tad more expensive than MacBook Air models from the same year. But the MacBook Pro is slightly more powerful, has more ports, and all models made during or after 2012 come with a Retina display, which will give you a much better viewing experience than the MacBook Air. The first MacBook Air to get a Retina display was the 2018 model. And this display is no simple marketing gimmick; it's super nice and we suggest getting a refurbished MacBook that has one of these if you plan on spending a lot of time using your new refurbished laptop. Want to learn more? Read what our experts have to say about buying a used & refurbished MacBook Pro here. Refurbished MacBook: Although this product was technically discontinued in 2019, it was the slimmest MacBook on the market when it was still around, but unfortunately was more expensive than the MacBook Air when it was sold new. But now the rules have changed. If you get a MacBook refurbished, you can find it for 30%–70% off of the original price. Heck, maybe you can even find an even better discount or bargain than that! The point is, if you find a good deal on a refurbished MacBook, don't overlook it simply because it’s been discontinued. These are super thin and super capable, plus being discontinued automatically makes them cool!

A wide range of affordable and cheap MacBooks

Whatever projects you’re working on, a cheap MacBook can get the job done and do something good for the planet and your wallet. As long as you get a refurbished MacBook that isn't too old, it should be able to do all the tasks that a new one can. For this reason, we don’t suggest getting a used MacBook that's more than 5 years old if you plan to use it every day in a professional setting. So go ahead, take advantage of that sweet deal you see on our website; there's no reason why you shouldn't have an affordable MacBook! No matter which MacBook you choose, you can find great deals for the MacBook Pro on Back Friday and on every other day!

Why getting a MacBook refurbished is a great choice

It really is an easy decision: A refurbished MacBook can give you the same performance and look just as good as a new device. Because all our MacBooks have gone through rigorous testing at the hands of professionals—as opposed to typical used MacBooks that are sold without certified factory checks—you can trust they will be just as dependable as brand-new devices..

Looking for a MacBook deal?

What's the best place to find a deal on a MacBook? Look no further than Back Market, of course!Our used MacBooks have been checked by some of the best professional refurbishers in the country. We're serious about refurbished MacBooks—just check out our seller reviews! :D

The best MacBook deals for 2021

Whether you’re looking to get a discount on a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, Back Market has the perfect device for your budget and lifestyle. :D MacBooks are upgraded every year with small upgrades, and the result is refurbished MacBooks from previous years that are almost indistinguishable from newer models in all ways—except for the lower prices, of course. And now with our 2021 MacBook deals, you can get an Apple laptop at a price that won’t break the bank. However, the best part is, here at Back Market you don't even have to wait until Black Friday 2021 to get a cheap deal! How’s that for trendsetting technology?